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 LOL Sorry RomI got the joke!

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PostSubject: LOL Sorry RomI got the joke!   Wed May 26, 2010 3:32 pm

Sorry Rom I was never worried for a Second! I thought you might yell at us about something. But that's always ok! Someone needs to yell occasionally! You would have had to have said something really freaky first to weird me out!Sorry I guess I just have to much faith in you! LOL LOL I have to your my second in command! Besides if you freak us out Guitarsenall is there to take up the slack! Thats what I love about this team. Always somebody there to pick you up if ya fall down! LOL Your the best Rom!

PS I said I picked most of you guys not all of you guys! LOL LOL Yes you were the one who discover Skittz! And a awesome discovery it was!LOL cheers It still irks me that if Zeus would of only checked his mail sooner he would have been a teammate to. He would have fit in perfect here! But I guess it was not meant to be!

My Assault rifle speaks to me when it's done reloading. It says DOOM!
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LOL Sorry RomI got the joke!
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