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 This has to be said

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First Officer
First Officer

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PostSubject: This has to be said   Mon May 24, 2010 6:49 am

Im not like other guys,, i have certain feelings towards,,, weelllll
umm,, so hard to say but HERE goes.. I like the feeling of being with other guys who are in teh number one clan!

WE ARE essentially the #1 clan points wise! lol where did you think i was going with that you freaks!
We dont have as many members so that gives us the edge over taw and zeus's clan is invisi so points are added that way so #1 guys awesome! PS Play 3 epic games with the ICAV clan swagger and viper with Rsean! and yea we won of course. Swagger is just like zeus if you guys remember a drednaught lol.. Was awesome fun!
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Legion Commander
Legion Commander

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PostSubject: Darn tooting were #1   Tue May 25, 2010 10:17 pm

Pound per pound we are by far the most talented clan in section 8. There may be a few individual players who are better. But as a team as a whole we are the best! When we work together I don't believe anybody can stand against us! Also we are not so small anymore! TAW may have more players but what do you expect from a corporate clan! If you look at most of the other clans they are smaller then us and none of them even come close to are team average. Especially if you take into account that if my stats would not have been nerfed my points would be around 420,000. Thats 315,000 more points that would be added to are team average! I would also like to say that I cannot think of a better group of guys that I would rather play with.your attitude towards teamwork in gameplay is the best! I could not have picked a better group of guys if I hand picked you all myself! Wait a minute I did pick most of you guys myself! LOL Sorry bad joke! To think it all started with a little Idea and a message to Romulous ! Who was thinking the same thing about that time. Hey great minds and great players think a like!Who saw the wisdom in my words and was gracious enough to close down his giant clan and join with me to Form the beginning of a great team! RSEAN who has been with me since the beginning.Who I have had the pleasure to watch from his first days fumbling around just trying not get shot every few minutes. Who with just a few small tips from me and more of a lot of hard work and stubborn persistence on his part Has developed into one of the best players in the game! Every time I see him kick butt it puts a smile on my face! Guitarsenall who I watched game after game try to lead different groups of slackers to victory through his constant leadership and his constant motivation of other players to participate in the DCM's! Which I might add you could always count on him being at! Which was bad news if you were on the other team! He also saw the wisdom in what we are about here and we were lucky enough to have him join us!To all of the rest of the Draconis Warriors you are all the best of the best and that's why you are hear! Not just because you are outstanding players! But you are players that play with outstanding honor and character! For that alone I am humbled by you all and feel greatly honored to be your leader and to be able to fight next to each and everyone of you! Your strength of character is what makes the Legion strong! You guys are all the best in my book and I hope to be gaming with you still long after Section 8 has come and gone. :


My Assault rifle speaks to me when it's done reloading. It says DOOM!
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This has to be said
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