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 Other Games than Section 8?

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PostSubject: Other Games than Section 8?   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:54 am

OK, just curious if anybody is planning on getting new games? I will play S8 for a long time but there are some games im focused on getting too and playing.

Brink: if this game lives up to hype its the future of FPS games. It has aided aim (not lock on) where smoothes out also has slide moves and almost thousands of charector custom changes in faces, outfits, muscle, faces, hair everything. To me LOD and clan battle in general is going to be fierce and intense and you can have your clan colors tatoos whatever on every player. Not mention you can change whats the equiv of a loadout in s8 in mid game as many times as you need!

Hoping Vanquish is huge multiplayer and wanted to love Alien vs Pred but I expected to much or wanted too much and was let down.

Just Cause 2: I might as well be their spokes person. This sandbox game is a godsend for that break from noobs, and frustrations of multiplayer games. COMPLETE freedom in an equal to real life 1400 square kilometer map of which every surface your able to climb, every car, truck, plane, helicopter, boat or hotair balloon you can man. Every weed, flower or tree can be shot or stomped on and I just broke the record base jump. 3 times in a row then some guy is battling me now but new video is going up on youtube to replace the old one i had that as recently beaten. A def fun filled murder destroy, blow up an explore fantasy. Stunts galore too!. Def buy for those who enjoy this type sandbox game.

Bad Company 2. Fun, frustrating but far more sophisticated than Modern Warefare2. Problem! all the same players from Mw2 are playing it. Problem for them in mw2 you dont need to aim at all to get high kills in Bad Company 2 you have to be excellent at all facets of the game to be a good team. So your stuck with a ton of awful aiming snipers hiding out while you go try and hack a base alone while they hide working on their kill/deaths ratio. I am murdering level 21 and more at my level 3 and i just got game recently and why? I aim. BUT over and over im saying WTF! where is scorp moose and Guitar when you need them. We honestly could own on this game but its not a I HAVE to play tonight game.

So my intention here was to see what games our members or fans are going to or also playing and to advise or suggest others we should be playing as a team or single. BRINK just go to http://www.brinkthegame.com watch the videos Fall this year its my new wife other than school. I literally druel and dream of apocalyptic wastlands and getting back to our roots as men and running relying on our natural instincts. (it is coming) Combine that with amazing graphics, gameplay and uber personalization set in the future you have everything I love about games and everything I complain about missing and others do in Section 8. They seem to cater to clans and the players so much. OK enough about that Before then Id still love to murder some TAW(SOME TAW!!! GET SOME) in a clan Battle! Be fun to beat Zuess too but I respect him a player so much doesnt matter if i win or lose its always fun! BUT Cyberzero oh cyber i have an eternal vengance. Scorp and I are coming for you and OGarfield oh yes game on!

Rant rant rant and dads your mother! games games thats all this rant is about. please share your thoughts and utter discust on my grammer and brilliance of ideas! king or is it Hells Yea!
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PostSubject: Brink   Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:35 am

Yes, Brink looks AWESOME. I'm totally getting it and it WILL be my new obsession. I couldn't tell anything about the Vanquish game. Just looks like a movie trailer and not in-game play. Screen-shots of the game look like it has spectacular graphics especially lighting effects. I want to get AVP, I've always liked the movies and the original game. I have MF2 and LFD, but don't play either much. But definitely Brink. Definitely.
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Other Games than Section 8?
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