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 So you want to join the legion!

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PostSubject: So you want to join the legion!   Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:14 am

First of all to be a member of the Legion is considered an honor! We are the special forces of warriors! Not everyone Who wants to be a member of the Legion can be. We hold our members to a higher standard than most clans! If your looking for the bloated pompous corporate clan. The sign up today and we forget your name tomorrow Clan that is structured with rules and regulations enforced on you by some drill Sargent who is probably not fit to lick our boots!! Then L.O.D. is not for you! We are not here to babysit you and tell you when to change your Diapers! If you get a invitation its because we think you already are a hardened experienced soldier who can conduct yourself as a veteran! Thus carry out your responsibilities efficiently and expeditiously without the need to lord over you and treat you like a raw recruit!
Legion,Honor,Loyalty,Sacrifice,Friendship! Here in the Legion we fight ,we die,we sacrifice all so the Legion can move forward, grow stronger and win! There are no individuals here, just the Legion. Soldiers in the Legion are hero's not because of there own personal high stats.They are hero's because they died and sacrificed their stats So a teammate could finish a mission!The deeds of the true hero of victory most often are never known or celebrated.The unknown soldier who's selfless actions were in fact the true key to victory!These are the hero's we honor! Not the base camping, tank whoring, personal high scoring player. Who is more concerned about his K/D Ratio, then his team actually winning! Those lost souls are incapable of understanding what the Legion is truly about!So before you consider a invitation to join the Legion make sure you are of high character and that you have it in you to uphold the standards and the honor of the Legion! That is the glory of the Legion! ----
--------- ScorpiusDoom-------
Draconis Warrior Lvl 1, Scorpian of the first order and leader of Clan Legion Of Doom.


1.We do not disrespect are fellow gamers by spamming public servers and advertising are open recruiting just to fill our ranks with anybody we can get to join! We as a clan have more self-respect and dignity then to display such behavior! We respect the right of players to play games in a spam free environment!

2.It is a honor to be a member of L.O.D. As such You can not just apply to become a member like most clans.Instead you must be given a personal invitation to join! So if you wish to become a member get to know some of us by fighting with us or against us in a public server. Inquire about the clan and what we are about. But most of all impress us in battle! Not with your high score but with your deeds of honor and self-sacrifice for your team!

2. You must have a minimum experience level of 80 to even be considered. We prefer that you be a level 100 though! We are not day a care center for future soldiers. we are the best of the best. So we need to know that you are a experienced battle hardened soldier already.Because when we step in to battle you will be expected to be able to play at the same level as all the Draconis warriors! If you can not pull your own weight how can we expect you to watch our backs or complete your dutys!

3.You must be a honorable player! We do not under any circumstances tolerate cheaters,Hackers, are unnecessary abuse of other players! Anyone caught hacking are cheating will be immediately dishonorably discharged from the Legion there name struck from the halls of Draconis never to be spoken again. your very existence will no longer even be acknowledged.

4.You must be dependable and available. If we have a practice are a tournament we must be able to know we can count on you to be there.How can we count on you to watch are back in battle. If we cannot even count on you for practice.

5.If you are offered membership and you accept. You will be admitted on a probationary term of 30 days where you are to be evaluated. If at any time during this period.You display character unbecoming a member you will be given a warning. Upon a second infraction your invitation will be withdrawn and you will be dismissed!

6. You must be a mature player! If you are 45, but act like you are 5. We have no use for you.The Legion Of Doom does not take children into battle!On the other hand if you are young individual but behave as a responsible mature adult and player you may be considered for membership!

7.If giving a invitation you need to come to the forum and introduce yourself. We require your name, age, email address, a little of your gaming background. Also a little about you. Your hobby's, what you like to do for fun, job. School. We would like to know a little about you. that way we are not strangers,

8.If you have shown a interest in L.O.D and are not offered a membership,it does not mean that you are not a good player or that we do not respect you are we are being dismissive of you. It could be something as simple as you have not met all of the qualifications to become a member such as maybe you are not a Lvl 80 player yet. Also we are small clan by design. That being said there are only a limited number of slots that can be filled In L.O.D.So there just may not be any openings for anybody at the moment Or the slot that needs to be filled is very specialized. So you might not fit the particular position that we are looking for at the time. So please don't be dis-heartened or take it personal! Please keep gaming and playing with L.O.D. members and at sometime in the near future when one of are members can no longer fulfill his duty's as a Draconis Warrior and has to leave the Legion. A slot will open up and then again you may be considered for membership. So if you still wish to become a Draconis Warrior, please remember that the Legion is always watching you! So please conduct yourself as a honorable warrior at all times!Who knows the God of War may shine on you at anytime!

9.There are always exceptions to every rule! We the Warriors of Doom reserve the right at any time to make exceptions to any of these rules if we deem it necessary for the good of the Legion.

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So you want to join the legion!
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